SANRAKS BUILDING CONTRACTING was founded by Jeyaprakash Aruchunan. The company has successfully operated in the heart of Dubai for the past Five years working on sub-contracting in construction. Initially company has started with 10 labours, now 300 labours working in the concern.

Our Mission:

To safely deliver any Project , any time, in any environment for the benifit of our contractors employees and the communities we serve

Our Vission:

To be the best sub-contractor and employer of choice by safely and consistently delivering successful projects and services any where in dubai

Our Values Are:

  • Uncompromising Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.
  • An open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success.
  • Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business.
  • Best in class Risk Awarness integrity in all we do.
  • Increased revenues & earnings
  • High product quality
  • Strong customer satisfaction
  • Positive reputation/image
  • Happy employees and good working conditions
  • Respect of laws and regulations

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